Naim Sheikh

Animal Nutritionist
March 20, 1992

About Candidate

As an Animal Nutritionist, involved routine development of diets and looking at improving, developing, and implanting dietary requirements across the Animal collection. Responsible for leading the Nutrition operation while reporting them to the Animal and Plant Logistical services manager.

Professional Skills:

  • Conducted research on nutrition, physiology, and metabolism to improve animal feed products.
  • Developed diets using scientific knowledge of nutrition, chemistry, physics, microbiology, and engineering principles.
  • Performed hands-on work with animals including feeding them and observing their behavior.
  • Trained farmers and other animal caretakers in proper feeding techniques.
  • Conducted laboratory analyses of feed ingredients to ensure they meet nutritional requirements.
  • Recommended changes in diets or feeding methods to improve health or productivity of livestock
  • Prepared formulas for specialized diets for pets.
  • Conducted nutritional analyses of feed ingredients to determine their suitability for specific animal species.


SSC 2008
Manikganj Govt. High School
HSC 2010
Manikganj Govt. Degree College
BSC 2013
Manikganj Government Degree College

Work & Experience

Animal Nutronist 01/01/2015
NS Agro Care Ltd.


Computer Skill
Communication Skill
Technical Skill