Didar Abdulkarim Rahim

lecturer and Researcher
November 3, 1985

About Candidate


Name: Didar Abdulkarim Rahim
Address: Flat no.874, Pasha City compound, Raparin Street- Sulaimani_ Kurdistan Region of Iraq/ and 21 Dykova, Brno-Czech Republic
Telephone/Mobile: +964533191404, +9647701595132, +420777 2623 69
Email: didar.abdulkarim@univsul.edu.iq , qqrahim@mendelu.cz

Sex: Male Date of Birth: 03/11/1985 Nationality: IRAQI


• Project Design/Management • Research and Development • Plant Pathology
• Plant Anatomy

• Plant Physiology
• Agricultural Sciences
• Biotechnology/ Plant Tissue Culture
• Environmental Biotechnology
• Environmental Crisis/Climate Change
• Environmental Impact Assessment- Sustainability • Quality Control/Food Safety
• Molecular Biology
• Data Analysis

• Critical thinking and problem solving

• Teamwork and collaboration • Digital fluency
• Mental flexibility

* Bachelor of Science at University of Sulaimani / Biotechnology and Crop Sciences (2006_2010)

*Master of Science at JNTU university_ India Environmental Biotechnology Profession (2010_2012)

* PhD in Biotechnology at Mendel University in Brno Czech Republic and University of Sulaimani (2016-2020)


1. Agricultural Engineer 2009-2012.

2. Lecturer at Biology Department College of Science- University of Sulaimani (2023to now)

3. Lecturer at Sulaimani University College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences (2013 to 2023).

4. Head of Qliasan Research Station in Sulaimani University from (2013 to 2015).

5. Head of Laboratory and Higher Education in College of Agriculture, Department of Biotechnology and Crop Science (2013 to 2016).

6. External lecturer in Agricultural Technical College in Halabja University in (2014).

7. Member of the Advisory Board of Sulaimani College of Agriculture for the inspection of private sector agricultural products (2014 to 2016).

8. General Coordinator between Sulaimani University and Sulaimani Provincial Council Sulaimani (2016).

9. Consultant committee of General Fields at College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences (2014-2016). 10. Advisor for Agricultural and Environmental Issues at Sulaimani Provisional Council (2014 to now).

11. Supervisor and Authorized person for establishing Recycling and waste treatment which done by Faruk Holding Group in Sulaymaniyah city- Kurdistan Region of Iraq (2015).

12. Coordinator between Sulaimani Provincial consul’s quality control committee of and parliament of Iraq for checking and evaluating flour grinding machines factory in (2016).

13. Chief of advisory board for establishing national quality control for local products (2017).

14. External Researcher at Plant Biology Department/ Faculty of Agri-Sciences Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic (2017 to now).

15. Coordinator project for wheat color project between Mendel University and Ministry of Agricultural and Water Resources of Kurdistan Regional of Iraq (2018-2019).

16. Speaker of the Global Platform for the Future of Agriculture for 2018-2019 Italy/Rome.

17. Speaker at the Conference on Mature Chemical Effects in the Middle East, University of Berlin/Germany 2021


Workshop for Water Security Authority JNTU University-INDIA 2011.
Course on the Effect of Agricultural Microorganisms on Crops Bio AXIS Center Hyderabad
INDIA 2012.

Effective protein courses on liver and prostate cancer Bio AXIS Center Hyderabad INDIA 2012.
Clean Energy Producer and Waste Course at Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia 2012.
ICP Course in Sulaimani University in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture Jordan 2014
HPLC Application Course, Sulaimani University 2014
Course on the use of R Studio for Data Analysis the University of Kansas, USA 2015.
Guiding Seed Sector Transformation Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation
(WCDI) Wageningen University & Research Netherlands 2022.
9. Feeding Cities: Improving Food Systems in Urban Area’ Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI) Wageningen University & Research Netherlands 2023.


Mother tongue(s): Kurdish
English: Fluent in Speaking and Writing
Arabic: Fluent in Speaking and Writing
Czech: Good in Speaking and Writing
▪ Good command of Microsoft OfficeTM tools, SPSS Program, XLSTATE, R STUDIO, IMAG J.


• In Vitro Assessment of Kurdish Rice Genotypes in Response to PEG-Induced DroughtStress.
• Amplification and Transformation studies of Tpi gene from Lactobacillus delbrueckii into E. coli DH5α and analyzing its antimicrobial activity on Maize Zea mays pathogenic Bacteria.
• Effect of different levels of fertilization on NUE of three genotypes of (zea mays l.) under twocultivation seasons in Sulaimani region.
• Exploring chemical composition and genetic dissimilarities between maize accessions.
• Genetic marker determination of different Trans lipid protein in barley for some pathogens.
• Estimation of three different hybrid maize (zea mays L.) proteins under bio-fertilizer Azotobactor spp effect.
• In Vitro Evaluation of Kurdish Rice Genotypes in Response to Cadmium-Induced HeavyMetal Stress.

• Assessment of genetic variation and population structure in Iraqi barley accessions usingISSR, CDDP, and SCoT markers
• Studies and estimations of heavy metal effects on daily uses of vegetables in SulaimaniRegion.
Dears, please go over the positions mentioned below. If required, get in touch with the colleagues and managers who played an important role in my academic and administrative professions.

Dr. Haval Abubaker: Mayor of Sulmani City Contact Number: +9647701462747
Professor Dr. Raza Hussain: Ex-President of Sulaimani University Contact Number:

ridha.hussein@univsul.edu.iq +964 748 060 6226
Professor Ladislav Havel: Ex-Rector of Mendel University https://mendelu.cz/en/26370-

Professor Dr. V Himabindu: Head, Centre for Environment, Institute of Science and Technology. JNTU University Contact Number: drvhimabindu@gmail.com Phone: 040- 23158662, Extn 3474 or 040-2315541
Professor Dr. Ch. Sasikala: Director Institute of Science and Technology, JNTU University, Contact Number: sasi449@jntuh.ac.in , 040-23158662, Extn 3480 or 040- 23155413.
Prof. PharmDr. Petr Babula.: Department head, Department of Physiology MASARYK
University, Brno Czech Republic. Contact Number: +420 541 562 835 babula@med.muni.cz

• Assoc. Prof. Daniel Falta, Vice Dean for Foreign Affairs, Agri-Sciences Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic, +420 545 133 214 daniel.falta@mendelu.cz