Agriculture Sales Representative

Application ends: October 31, 2024
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Job Description

An Agricultural Sales Representative sells tools, equipment, machines, and other agricultural products. They generate leads, contact customers, make sales, and connect the customer to the product.

If you love to talk, and are equally skilled at listening, Agricultural Sales Representative is a good job to get into. Although there is some desk time, that is offset by significant time in the field. The process starts with an initial contact with the customer. This might happen through a cold call (when you stop by or call unexpectedly), or when a customer contacts you.

As an Agricultural Sales Representative, you ask questions about what products the customer is using, and what they are looking for. Then you offer to meet with them, send them product brochures, or follow up at a later date. You use your outstanding communication skills and friendly personality to build professional relationships.

Professional, yes, but you probably won’t be wearing a suit very often, as most of your on-site sales calls will require trekking through cow dung and muddy fields. You meet with the customer, explain product details, demonstrate how machines work, and discuss costs. Then, you produce, explain, negotiate, and sign contracts. Once the customer commits to the purchase, you take orders, answer questions, solve delivery problems, and facilitate the setup or use of the product.

During your office time, you answer phone calls, respond to emails, set up appointments, collect a list of potential customers, complete price quotes, and report sales statuses to management.